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Danika's Planet
Danika stepped into a world of trouble when she made one terrible mistake. Her parents were required crew for a 10-day test flight, but Danika simply refused to let them leave without her. So, she snuck aboard their starship and hid. She remained hidden until long after the launch, and she came out of hiding only to discover that her parents and the rest of the crew had been forcibly removed from the ship by seven hostile hijackers. 

​​She experiences the hard knocks of consequences and is humbled by grace, as she relies on the only one she can turn to, Jesus, to reunite with her family back on earth. Get ready for out of this world adventure!
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"When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life,
​or in the life of another".

Helen Keller
Christ Inspired Fiction
I'm Debbie DiCaprio, author of "Danika's Planet", the first book in my new novel series. The book is aimed at middle grades and adults, but is quickly gaining fans of all ages. The story isn't preachy, however, the depth of Danika's relationship with, and trust in Christ is undeniable.​​

​​Here are some recent comments about the book:

From an Amazon customer…  "Five stars! Really captivating sweet story, July 14, 2014." 

​​Lisabeth…. "Not a bad read. Ending is wide open for a second book. Hope there is more in the future. Thanks."

​​Shawn in Bedford, Texas...."Very cool story - wow, I couldn't put it down. Crazy good."

Lacey in Chicago, IL..."You'll need to rethink your target audience. I'm 71 and called in sick to work for two days rather than stop reading." ​​​​
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